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Kordas Iris 10 Canyoning Rope (meters)

A semi-static rope especially recommended for intensive use in canyoning by large groups.
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Product Description:

A semi-static rope especially recommended for intensive use in canyoning by large groups.
A highly manageable rope constructed in high visibility colours which make it easy to find, even under water.
Semi-static rope Type A (EN-1891).

Complete bonding of the sheath and core.
Every part of the rope works at the same time.
Elimination of the unpleasant “sock effect”, i.e. slippage of the rope sheath
Gives the rope greater dimensional stability throughout its useful life and considerably reduces gradual rope shrinkage overtime.
High resistance and more pleasant to the touch.
Total dry:
A thermo-chemical finishing with Fluorocarbon.
The rope is impermeable, absorbs less water, lasts longer and never freezes.
Titan System
The Titan system incorporates a third structure constitued by a series of filaments running parallel to the rope axis inside the sheath structure, thus transforming it into an element of “armour plating”.
Summum System
This System joins the already known Estability and Titan System, achieving with this a maximum union between core and sheet and an even higher safety, thanks to the addition of the advantages of the two different systems with proved experience. This is the maximum safety that, until now, can be offered to the rope users.
Diameter: 9.9 mm.
Weight per meter: 67 g/m.
Core percentage: 55 %.
Sheath percentage: 45 %.
Sheath slippage: 0 mm.
Elongation: 2.5 %.
Material: Polyamide.
Static resistance: 2600 daN.

Visit the manufacturer’s webpage.

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