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Grivel Master Pro

Versatile belay / rappel device, that can also be used in guide mode.
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Product Description:

Versatile belay / rappel device, that can also be used in guide mode.

Master Pro was created for belaying and rappelling.
It is a versatile, dynamic and reliable tool to minimize the force transmitted to the anchors, the belay and the wear and tear over time of the rope.
It can also be used in guide mode as a self-locking plate, to belay a second.
The two "horns" that are placed at one of the two ends have two main functions:
- Additional braking with thin ropes by passing them below the horns themselves
- Possibility of hooking a webbing ring for a release maneuver.
Its body has been designed with a series of holes on the sides to reduce weight, but above all to disperse the heat and consequently not to overheat the rope that passes into it.
As with all tubes, the use of gloves is recommended for greater guarantee in braking the ropes, belaying the first climber fromt he harness.
It can be used both on single pitch climbs, on a multipitch route, and on a classic wall where you don't want to stress the anchors.
Activities: climbing
Materials/construction/technologies: aluminum.
Certifications: EN 15151 -2, UIAA 129-5.
Rope dimensions: 7,3 - 11 mm.
Weight: 88g.

Visit the manufacturer’s webpage.

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